Take Control of Your Financial World

We make personal finances simple for you to understand and easy to implement with the 5 Key Pillars of Personal Finances. Our comprehensive approach give you the power to make important decision, plan for your future and helps you build a strong financial foundation.

5 Key Pillars of Personal Finances

The foundational building blocks of an individuals finances required to have a strong financial foundation.

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Debt Management
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Housing Affordability
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Money Kick Starter Course

Money Kick Starter 4 week course supercharges your financial journey with the 5 Key Pillars of Personal Finances. Get the skills and knowledge you need to be less stressed, feel confident and reach your financial goals. Join us to learn more about:

5 Key Pillars of Personal Finances

Budgeting for Success

Debt & Credit Worthiness

Introduction to Investing

And much more!


I wish I found the 5 Key Pillars earlier. Not knowing what to do with my money is a missed opportunity for making my money work for me! It made adult decisions easy and trade offs less restricting as I don't want to live a super frugal life. Since money kick starter, I've automated my savings, started investing and I'm no longer stressed about my student loans.

—  Ian T 

Course Participant

Your Financial Journey Checklist

Build your knowledge & skills

Face the facts of your finances

Set short, medium & long term goals

Plan to have fun, travel & live life

Don't compare yourself to others


"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest."

- Benjamin Franklin

Don't know where to start?

Download our FREE zero based budgeting tool and organize your money into the 5 Key Pillars. Put our framework to the test to see how your money is working for you while you make mindful money decisions. 

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Learn more about our interactive webinars that builds participants financial knowledge, skills and confidences through our tools and training.  Choose one of our expert topics below. 

  1. Budgeting for Success

  2. Financial Foundation

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Group Program

Make financial literacy accessible to youth through our large group program that provides tools, trainings and dedicated live sessions to help build this critical life skill. 


Learn more about how easy it is to integrate our program into your school or organization. 

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