Financial Literacy for Youth

Giving the next generation the knowledge and tools to thrive and become financially resilient through digital and live financial programs.

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Building a Strong

Financial Foundation

Using the 5 Key Pillars of Personal Finances we make building a strong financial foundation simple and comprehensive. By empowering youth to be in charge of their money, we build confidence to make good and informed financial decisions.

5 Key Pillars of Personal Finances

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Debt Management
Housing Affordability Icon.png
Housing Affordability
Resilient Fund Icon.png
Resilience Fund
Retirement Savings Icont.png
Future Investments
Credit Worthiness Icon.png
Credit Worthiness

Give Them Money Management Skills

Kick start these skills by giving them access to knowledge and tools. It is never too early to:


  • Know the difference between good and bad debt

  • Understanding the cost of borrowing

  • Start saving for the future

  • Build a monthly budget

  • Live within your means

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High Schools Program

This program focuses on fundamental concepts of money, debt and building positive financial behaviours. Participants receive worksheets, simulators and live support to answer their money questions.

Post Secondary Program

With 70% of students stressed about their finances, we focus on tools that give students control of their money through budgeting, debt management and money management skills to mitigate stress.

Young Adult Program

Challenges participants to build a comprehensive financial plan that focuses on reducing debt, building assets, and deeper financial literacy to drive more informed decisions about their money.


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