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Leave your money mistakes behind

Look forward, imagine and reach your goals faster. As a money coach I am here to give you expert guidance, hold you accountable and cheer you on throughout your journey. I use my proven 5 Key Pillars model that make managing money simple and easy.  

I will help you

Get the life you have always dreamed of! We will take your commitment to your goals and focus your energy on simple clear steps to help you: 

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Pay off debt faster
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Become a homeowner
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Get ready for emergencies
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Invest in your future
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Build good


At 40 and I was really struggling with my money. But Shalicia transformed the way I felt about my situation and what was possible for me. Now I believe its never too late to start. I'm so happy I'm not doing this alone.

—  Maria H


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That's ok! Start by untangling your money with budgeting! Download our FREE smart budgeting tool and organize your money into the 5 Key Pillars. It will guide you to make mindful money decisions. 

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Your Financial Journey Checklist

Build your knowledge & skills

Face the facts of your finances

Set short, medium & long term goals

Plan to have fun, travel & live life

Don't go on the journey alone